OSO Fresh
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DJ OSO Fresh

The Sky Lounge on the 23rd Floor of the Hilton Portland is going to be insane this year because we’ve scored one of the hottest club DJs in the northwest, DJ OSO Fresh. OSO has been mixing on Portland radio for the past 10 years, his syndicated mixes can be heard in Spokane, Boise, and

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DJ Paradox

Last year DJ Paradox had the crowd dancing so much that the dance floor literally split in two, he’s just that good! Because we want your New Year’ Eve to be filled with fun and dancing we’ve made some changes to out music format. This year the DJs will be focused on music from different decades,

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Hit Machine

If you celebrate New Year’s Eve in Portland at the Champagne Ball you will love this band, they will have the Grand Ballroom rocking from start to finish! We are super excited to welcome Bart Hafeman and the rest of Hit Machine back to the Champagne Ball. Hit Machine is the best party band in