Champange Ball “Style Guide”

** Special Guest Blog **

The team at Klein Epstein & Parker take pride in living each day like it’s New Year’s Eve, but as we approach the actual end of year, we get nostalgic for the days when getting dressed involved considerations of personal pride and value for interacting with those important to us. In that spirit, KEP encourages you to stand tall at the Champagne Ball on New Year’s Eve, own your space, and rock your best party get-up to welcome the New Year!

 Start the party early by having a blast creating your awesome look! You’ll enjoy the evening that much more if you’re confident about looking best, worry-fee and photo-ready.

Here are some tips, ideas, and general good-advice for men on tailored attire with New Year’s Eve in mind. If you want to go deeper, stop in to our shop! We love to muse and indulge in great conversations about all things to do with dressing, styling and properly fitting garments.

Key consideration for your NYE style: It’s important to be comfortable! Others will notice if you’re not and it’s likely to affect your socializing. Great fitting pieces (especially when created for you) not only look great, but will be as (if not more) comfortable than those jeans and t-shirt.

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Some basics:

  • Classic cocktail wear: dark suiting in navy or charcoal grey, with a light-colored shirt. Neckwear is typically a must. Consider it your moment to express yourself with the utmost FREEDOM. You could also take the “tall, dark & handsome” approach of going without neckwear. A need to be bolder? Go more contemporary with patterns, a sports coat, a blazer, and great fitting trousers. Window pane, plaid, or paisley even. Or add pattern to your shirting, your tie, or with a pocket square.
  • Black tie is formal and typically timeless with a tuxedo (aka dinner jacket styling). Peak lapels or shawl collar, either in silk, grosgrain, or other great contrasting fabrics help define a strong bold look without being over the top. These days black isn’t your only option! A midnight blue tuxedo is a killer way to update the look. Or stick to the tried-and-true black tux. You can’t really go wrong with the iconic staple.
  • Feeling festive? The Holiday’s typically have color associations. Simplify your accessories and go colorful in suiting materials or accessories to coordinate with the holidays.
  • Your footwear should always be clean, polished and match your suit styling. Black shoes with blacks and dark greys or super dark navy; brown shoes with everything else. The less pattern on the shoe, the more formal. Wingtips or a simple toe cap should play well for almost any occasion.
  • The easiest way to decide your style direction is to coordinate with your date. Be as formal or contemporary as their style. Find inspiration from film, photos or hints from a spouse or partner. Referencing the dress code for the event will often narrow it down for you.

Think of Champagne Ball and New Year’s Eve as more than a good party; it’s is an occasion to be enjoyed, celebrated and remembered. Follow Your Heart, Be a NYE Rebel with a little kick in your step! Start your year off right, with confidence & respect for yourself, your companions, your date, and your hosts. A little attention to style never hurts, so indulge! It’s made to measure, so a little or a lot of style is at your fingertips.  Whatever ‘suits’ you, Klein Epstein & Parker can make it happen. 😁

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Cheers to a fantastic 2020!