How to Choose Your Reserved Seats at the Champagne Ball

All Reserved Seat tickets WILL sell out (happens every year!), so if you have a group and would like seats together, you’ll want to purchase tickets ASAP.  Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to ringing in 2020 with you at the #ChampangeBall!  Guests frequently ask “where is the best place to sit?” It really depends on your personal preferences. Want to be close to the action? Close to the bar? Easy access to the dance floor? Here are some tips:

  • Tables numbers 1-9 are in the front of the room and behind the speakers. This creates a quieter seating area and these tables also have less foot traffic. If you’re looking for a more low-key seating area this would be a good choice.
  • Tables to the left of the room are next to three bars and the photographers. If you know you’ll want quick and easy access to the bars the left side will be a good fit.
  • Tables in the center of the room offer a great view of the stage and are in the heart of the party. Included in this section are Platinum Reserved and Gold Reserved. These tables are the closest to the dance floor and stage and are filled with energy.
  • The 10 person tables near the back of the room are perfect for those that want to be mobile throughout the night. You’ll have a home base, but you’ll be able to access your table quickly and easily as you come and go.
  •  The smaller 4 person cocktail tables near the back are an excellent fit if you prefer a smaller more intimate table. These tables are also easily accessed and the volume from the speakers is less since they are in the rear.
  • Seating to the right side of the grand ballroom has less foot traffic than the left side of the room and is recommended for those who think they may be resting their feet more throughout the night

All of these tickets, of course, include access to 18 bars, 4 party rooms, & 3 dance floors, hot & cold hors d’oeuvres buffet with desserts, late night pizza, tons of party favors, complimentary champagne toast, and our HUGE Champagne Ball video countdown with massive balloon drops. No matter which tickets you purchase, you will be choosing wisely.