Champagne Ball Table Discount

The All-New Champagne Ball Table Discount

This party is always fun, but it’s even more fun with friends, and especially fun if you’re all sitting together at a private table. Or maybe you want to celebrate with valued employees or clients. They’ll feel like family sitting together at an exclusive location. 

Introducing the Champagne Ball Table Discount. Rally your friends and purchase all ten seats at a table in the Gold Reserved or Reserved section and save $100. Plan to be closer to the dance floor or closer to one of our 18 bars…it’s your choice! No reservation or table fees, just purchase all 10 tickets at once.

To claim this discount, just call Ticket Tomato at (503) 432-9477 or (800) 820-9884 and give them the code TABLE2020. They’ll gladly assist you in your choice of table location.